About FORTiTUDE Fishing

Fortitude Fishing, Inc. is a specialty metals company that makes exceptional titanium fishing equipment. Thanks to its parent company’s proprietary cost reducing titanium technology, Fortitude is the first fishing company ever to combine premier engineering and military spec titanium with affordable pricing. Whether a titanium reel, rod component, net or gaff, Fortitude makes high performance non-corrosive equipment that is the strongest, lightest, most durable on the market and we stand by it with a no compromise lifetime warranty.

Meet The Founder

Dave Lamoureux is a pioneer in the world of extreme fishing. He shocked the public when he took down a world record 157 pound Bluefin Tuna on an extraordinary solo mission in a kayak, miles off the shore of Cape Cod in the Atlantic Ocean. Dave's accomplishments have been documented by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Popular Mechanics, and numerous fishing magazines. Dave recently filmed an episode of Discovery Channel/Animal Planet's "Off The Hook: Extreme Catches" which will air in Summer 2013.

Professionally, Mr. Lamoureux had been a portfolio manager and derivatives trader that specialized in futures and options. It was his commodities background which transitioned him into the specialty metals industry. With his partners, he's developed patents, products and a proprietary titanium technology and formed Amalgamated Titanium Int'l Corp of which he is an officer. It was his passion for fishing, coupled with his desire for a higher quality, more durable product that inspired him to go on to found Fortitude Fishing, Inc.

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